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Exact Roofing is a new revolution in roofing quoting and estimating software. It takes the time and effort out of compiling roof cost estimates and quotes. Go to Downloads
Exact Roofing - Roof Estimating Software
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What We Are

Exact Roofing - Roof Estimating Software

Exact Roofing quotes Tiles, Pressed Metal Tiles, Metal Roofing, Standing Seam, Shingles, Torch On, and several other roof types. Exact Roofing also quotes wall siding, wall panels and bricks. 

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How We Work

Select the Most Appropriate Entry Method for Each Job

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Estimate from A PDF

Estimate Roofing or Siding by taking a snapshot from a PDF, import the snapshot into Exact Roofing, scale the snapshot and then trace over the snapshot. This is the standard approach for new buildings

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Estimate from A Photograph

Estimate from a Photograph taken from Google Maps™ or Google Earth™. Import the photograph, scale the photograph, then trace over the photograph

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Estimate from a Site Measure

Estimate from a simple site measure. Enter the lengths and angles using the mouse and the keyboard. A traditional method though still one of the fastest and most accurate ways to estimate.

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Estimate from a Drone

Use a Drone to fly over the building. The Drone takes multiple photographs which are then converted into coordinates, which are then downloaded into Exact Roofing to derive an Estimate

Exact Roofing

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Our Testimonials

Don’t know how I would run my company without this software.

P Alexander

We switched to this software from the opposition. Estimating speed increased, and the learning curve for new users is a fraction of what it was before.

Game Changer. A must have for any roofing business

User friendly, customizable, and links seamlessly to our enterprise management system.