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Exact Roofing - Roof Estimation Software

Step by Step Instructions on How it Works with supporting short video clips


Drawings Can Be imported from a PDF or Scanned Drawing

← 1 Minute Video on Importing a Drawing from a PDF


OR Photographs Can Be imported From Google Earth

4 Minute Video on Importing a Drawing from a Google Earth →


OR Drawings Can Be Input Directly Form a Site Measure

← 2 Minute Video on how To Input a Drawing From a Site Measure


OR Drawings Can Be Imported From a Drone

3 Minute Video on How To Import a Drawing from a Drone →


Apply Roofing Products to the Skeleton Drawn Above

3 Minute Video on how to Apply Roofing Products to Skeleton


Add Project Details, Miscellaneous Items & Print Reports

Video Shows How to Add Project Details and then concludes showing Various Reports →


Change The Quote To An Alternative Product Set

← 3 Minute Video on how to Change Roofing Products to Produce an Alternative Quote


Show Roof in Visual Imager

3D Visual Imager to Show Customers Colored Products on Roof →


Cladding or Siding Can Also Be Estimated

3 Minute Video on how to Estimate Cladding or Siding


A Wide Range Of Products Can Be Estimated including Wall Panels and Bricks

Example of Estimating Schist Bricks