1. Start with Importing the Drawing or from a Site Measure - and Draw the Skeleton

   Import From:

  • AutoCAD™ drawings in both dxf and dwg format
  • Drawings cut from PDFs
  • Scanned drawings
  • Google Earth
  • Drones (New in Version 3.3)


  • Drawn directly from Site Drawings, Sketches, Plans or Blueprints
  • Import from a PDF or a Scanned Drawing and Trace Over

1 Minute Video on Importing a Drawing from a PDF →

2. Apply Roofing Products to the Skeleton Drawn Above

Select each Area and Apply Products to Roof, Hips, Ridges..

  • Select an Area by clicking on the Eave Line
  • or Trace around the Area
  • Enter the Pitch
  • Enter the Roofing Products
  • Enter the Products for Fascia, Gutter, Hips, Ridges, Valley…

3 Minute Video on how to Apply Roofing Products to Skeleton →

3. Add Project Name, Miscellaneous Items, Markups and Display the Reports

Add Additional Items then Display the Reports for the Roof Drawn above

  • Add Project Name
  • Add Miscellaneous Items eg Freight
  • Add Discount/Markups
  • Add Notes or Tags to Quote

Reports Include:

  • Summary Quote or Customer Quote
  • Bill of Materials
  • Dimensioned Plan View
  • Labor Reports
  • Completion Certificates
  • Terms and Conditions
  • User Defined Reports…

3 Minute Video on adding Miscellanous Items and Reports →

4. Change The Quote To An Alternative Product

Change the Quote from Sheet Metal to Metal Tiles to give customer an alternative quote

  • From the Tree Diagram on the left Select Edit All Like Products
  • Change the Product to a different product
  • Repeat for Ridges, Hips…

2 Minute Video on how to Change the Quote from Sheet Metal to Metal Tiles →

5. Show Roof in Visual Imager

3D Visual Imager to Show Customers Colored Products on Roof

  • An addditional Module for Marketing
  • Quickly place colored roofing on the roof
  • Allows customer to take ownership prior to purchase

2 Minute Video Showing Roofing in Visual Imager →

6. Cladding or Siding Can Also Be Estimated

Import a PDF and apply Cladding or Siding

  • Import a PDF
  • Trace around the walls
  • Select the area to apply products
  • Cut out Windows and Doors
  • Enter the Cladding/Siding Products
  • Enter the Products for Wall Corners, Wall Base and Wall Top
  • Enter the Products for Side Windows, Lower Windows, Upper Windows, Side Doors, Upper Doors
  • Add Soaker Flashings to Windows

3 Minute Video on how to Estimate Cladding or Siding →